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Cultural Work of all forms is an inherent benefit to society. Art, Music, Literature, Games, Film and Software should not be commodities, they should be shared freely by all! Unfortunately, we live in an economic system where everything has a price tag, even the necessities of food and shelter. Because of this, Cultural Workers must act collectively and organize. The era of indie-vidualism must come to an end.

The goal of any Artist in modernity should be to work against (not for or within) the insidious culture industry, and the unjust economic system which created it, that system which puts a price tag on our humanity. Cultural Workers must fight alongside and on behalf of the Working Class and the Poor, which we ourselves often are - in solidarity and collective struggle, to change the conditions, so that all people can benefit from the progress of human kind.

From each according to ability,
to each according to need!

God is in his heaven,
all is right with the world!

Peace On Earth, Amen!

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